Transformational Coaching That Creates Breakthrough Change. 

"We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are."  


In life we are always finding our edge- the place where great opportunity or challenge shows up.  My passion is helping people navigate that space by deepening self-awareness and learning what new actions and possibilities are available to them.


Having been an Executive leader in the financial services industry I bring real world experience and a deep knowledge of personal transformation to help individuals, leaders and teams achieve their potential. 


What are you on the verge of? 


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    When was the last time you had a conversation that really mattered? I support clients, in a confidential and trusted relationship, as they explore the future they want to create. Whether it’s navigating change, developing new possibilities or working through a difficult situation you will find new perspectives and greater self-awareness opening the space to become the best version of yourself. 


    Large & Small

    As a facilitator I approach workshops as a coach- allowing participants to learn through conversation, reflection and practice. No long lectures in uncomfortable chairs. I offer a variety of topics and can customize a workshop to fit the needs of your group. 


    Leaders & Teams

    At their best, leaders and their teams generate a new, better, shared future. That goal can seem illusive when teams are stuck in old patterns, face an increasing speed of change and experience friction in execution. 


    I work with leaders to discover and develop the competencies needed to lead in challenging and complex times. I customize programs based on the needs of the team and organization- always designed to optimize collaboration, improve performance and achieve desired results. 

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